Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thoughts of biking to work so far...

So it finally happened. I am living the dream. I work at a place that is close enough to bike to work, and I do. Living in Southern California, it is extremely hard to live close enough to work. When I was in public accounting I practically lived in my car. My last job was less than 20 miles from my house and I was so excited. I thought that maybe I could bike to work there but unfortunately it was uphill the entire way and no showers were available. Also, I had to wear business formal everyday. Grr…. But I knew that one day I would make my goal come true and be able to bike to work.

My work now is a little less than 5 miles away with very few hills. Also, I get to wear jeans to work. Woohoo! While this change in my life is for the better, I am afraid like every other person out there who commutes via bicycle, I still have a few kinks to work out.

Some things I have noticed, need advice on, or need to change are as follows:

1. I pedal fast. I love going fast. Going fast makes me sweat. Showing up to work sweaty sucks. I need to slow down and take my time.

2. Part of my commute is over dirt and gravel. While I can just wash my bike and the dirt is gone, unfortunately my clothing is getting a little dusty during my ride to and from work. I need to figure out how to change this. Maybe bike in workout clothes and change at work?

3. I have a hybrid bike right now and am using hybrid road tires. While I love this bike and also use it with mountain bike tires, I am afraid it is not the best for commuting. I really want a road bike and to start training for a century ride, but I am also thinking I need a legitimate commuter bike with wheel/mud guards, a place for a pannier and a basket. Perhaps a cup and iPhone holder as well? I need something that will work on road and trail so a road bike is not the best option. What to do?

4. Speaking of panniers, I have no way to carry all of my crap as it is. I have a little tote bag that I am making into a makeshift backpack but that is really cumbersome and also, I don’t want to carry a backpack as it makes my back sweaty. I think I really need a bike that has utility and can carry my stuff. Also, I need to establish exactly what I am going to take to and from work.

5. So of course being in Southern California means that if you want to go to lunch you have a 98.4% chance of having to drive there (yes, I made that percentage up). While I pack lunch most days, people keep asking me to go out to lunch or are taking me out to get to know me more. I love going out to lunch with people. When we do I hate that I do not have a car with me to offer to drive. While no one has seemed to notice this yet, everyone knows it is curious to at least offer given the price of gas. I am thinking that I might just have designated days of biking and a designated day that I drive so that I can offer to drive when my car is there.

Anyway, these were just some thoughts I had…while riding my bike! I am open to questions, comments, recommendations, etc. And one day you too can live the dream and bike to work! (You know whom I am taking to.)

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  1. Hi! Things to think about.... I think your problem with #2 can be solved if you slowdown in #1. Test it out on a commuter bike and see.... Changing clothes at work means you have to carry them to work and in number #4 you are trying to take less things to work.

    It will all work out! You are after all, living the dream!